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The best iOS and Android games to download in August 2020

Puzzle games, gatcha games, and more are available this month.

mobile games in august 2020
Image: Bandai Namco

We all spend far too much of our time using our mobile devices, so we might as well spend at least some of that being productive, right? Maybe, but that’s not what this article is about. This is about playing games on your expensive phones and more specifically, new games.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the new Android and iOS games that have released this month. From platformers to puzzlers, there’s a lot to like here.

Here are the games you should be downloading in August

Whether you’re an Apple fan or prefer open-source Android, we’ve got you covered for what to play in August.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Love puzzle games? How about one with a detective noir feel, that also has some Sims elements and a whole bunch of stylish, intricate puzzles? Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery might be the game for you in August, so get your best private detective impressions ready and drive back to your childhood home.

Use your surroundings to figure out how to proceed, with cleverly designed puzzles that feel intuitive in mechanics but tricky to complete. There are more ‘seasons’ planned as well, although you’ll have to pay to access those once you get through the first set of puzzles.

Download on Android


Brawhalla is on pretty much every other platform, so a mobile release was always going to be in the cards.

Now you can install the insane brawler on your iOS or Android devices, and fight with any players on any other platform. Yes, Brawhalla is fully cross-play, letting brawlers from PC, console, and now mobile, join up and beat the snot out of each other. Take control of one of the 50 playable characters, including crossovers with Ben 10, Steven Universe, Lara Croft, the WWE, and more and get brawling.

Android | iOS


The Spintires series has gone from strength to strength on every other platform, and now you can do all the tire-spinning, mud-slinging, expletive-swearing fun on mobile as well, in MudRunner. You get all the maps and vehicles you already love from the previous game, letting you spin your tires across epic Siberian landscapes while charting your course the old-fashioned way, with compass and map. No fancy waypoint-based navigation system here, that would be cheating!

You’re going to get stuck. In mud. In snow. In rivers. In swamps. In everything. Enjoy!

Android | iOS


If you’re looking for a mobile game to play on your iPhone, go download Creaks right now.

It’s a beautifully realized puzzle-platformer and a descent into weirdness. You start sat at your desk, when your light flickers, goes out, and your wallpaper peels away to show a hidden tunnel that leads into a huge underground cavern. Now, sane people with a healthy sense of self-preservation would start looking for a new residence at this point, but that wouldn’t make for such a compelling game. Down we go into the unknown, where bird-people inhabit the world below the world.

Download on iOS

Felix The Reaper

Love games with a sense of rhythm, inevitability and a healthy dose of humor? How about over 50 levels where you twirl, prance, and kill your way to success?

Enter Felix, the only reaper to shake, rattle, and steal your soul in the process. Everyone dies, that’s just a fact of life. And when you do, Felix is there to make sure that when your time is up, you shuffle off this mortal coil to a banging soundtrack.

Download on iOS


It feels like we’re moving through a waking nightmare with everything that’s going on, so maybe a puzzle game that has you travel through a man’s dreams in order to help him accept his death is a little bit too on-the-nose.

Or not, I mean therapy comes in all forms and nothing is ever quite black and white. Except for Arrog, which is only in black and white, with charming traditional animations creating a bizarre world to traverse.

Android | iOS

Tales of Crestoria

For the rest of you, who aren’t already fans of the Tales series, you might be wondering what the heck is going on. It’s pretty simple, the tried-and-tested recipe of grind story, summon heroes, bring the smackdown in PvP is in full effect here, with the ubiquitous gacha paywall trying to drain your wallet at every turn. Install at your (wallets) peril.

Android | iOS

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

If you’ve never played a Professor Layton game before, now is the perfect time to start. The charming anime detective is chock-filled with brainteasers, riddles, and logic puzzles, with a handful of mini-games thrown in to keep you entertained.

Enjoy the slide into the fantastical as the story unfolds, and find out just what happened when mankind’s first time machine blew up during a demonstration.

Android | iOS


If bringing misfortune to others is your idea of fun, you’ll love Gloom. Take the reins with an eccentric family of five and turn their lives upside-down, with the end goal of making them as miserable as you can before you give them the sweet respite of death. Macabre I know, but it’s great fun. Just be wary of the other players, as they can use positive cards to reverse their misfortunes and ruining your day instead.

Android | iOS

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