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The best new iOS and Android apps to download in August 2020

Voice changers, improved notifications, and more.

apps on an iphone
Image: Unsplash

With so many apps being added to things like the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store each month, it’s hard to keep track of what will actually help you be more productive. Don’t worry, as the KnowTechie team has been hard at work curating the latest apps to find the gems that we think you should be installing.

That could be anything from a handy to-do list and apps that unlock more of your camera’s potential, to apps to help make sense of all the news in your feeds. Without further ado, here’s the cream of the crop from August.

Here are all the apps you should install in August

Whether you’re an Apple fan or prefer open-source Android, we’ve got you covered for what to download to stay productive in August.

Priiv: Privacy Manager

priiv app ios
Image: KnowTechie

There seems to be a ton of privacy apps out there, but this new app released by The Privacy Co. takes the cake. Instead of just protecting your smartphone from privacy theft and the slew of other online threats available at the hands of hackers and cybercriminals, this app is capable of protecting your phone, your laptop, your social media accounts, passwords, and a whole lot more.

The app assigns you a “privacy score,” much like a credit score, and “tracks the level of privacy protection someone has achieved in their digital life much like a credit score tracks the achievements in their financial life,” according to a recent press release.  From there, the PriivScore shows how safe you are, provides a goal, and tracks your progress. Basically, if it thinks you’re doing something to negatively affect your privacy score, Priiv tells what you need to do to improve it while giving you tips along the way.

“People are increasingly uncomfortable with their own devices and apps exploiting their personal data, but almost nobody knows how to make it stop,” said Craig Danuloff, CEO of The Privacy Co. “We decided to solve this problem by building the Priiv app. It helps anyone make steady progress to achieve meaningful and highly impactful changes in terms of how you and your data are protected.

As its App Store description states, “It’s like a gym coach for your privacy.”


Brain HQ

brain hq app
Image: KnowTechie

What better time than the present to start increasing your brainpower? Brain HQ lets you train your gray matter in areas such as Attention, Memory, Intelligence, and even People Skills. The exercises have been shown to be effective by over 100 research papers, and if you want to know more about the science, the Brain HQ website has loads of interesting facts and other resources to dive into.

I’ve been playing around with this for a couple of weeks now so I can’t entirely say that it’s helping but I’m enjoying taking time each day just for me, away from email, notifications and other interruptions.

Android | iOS

Onyx Fit

onyx fit app
Image: KnowTechie

Let’s face it, the gyms are (or should be) off-limits until a vaccine for Covid-19 is found. I mean, heavy breathing, sweating, and all of that uncleaned equipment is just asking for a super-spreader event. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can bring the personal trainer to you, using the AI-powered movement tracking found in Onyx.

Just open the app, prop your phone up, and Onyx will guide you through one of its many workouts, from strength training to cardio. Okay, sure you might be thinking “but other apps do that too.” Onyx can give you real-time form correction, just as if a personal trainer was putting you through the routine. Oh, and for the really competitive of you out there? It’s got online leaderboards, so you can grind you way into the top ranks while getting in shape.

Download on iOS

Facetune Video

facetune video app
Image: KnowTechie

Lightricks just added another app to its range, and it’s a doozy. Facetune Video lets you leverage AI smarts to edit your video as it happens. Don’t like how your mouth looks? Tweak its dimensions in real-time! Same goes for your nose, eyes, eyebrows, whiten your teeth, even smooth your skin and look like you spent all morning getting ready, instead of just rolling out of bed and hitting some app buttons.

With how huge “talking head” video clips are for building your authentic brand, you don’t want to sleep on this app. Seriously.

Download on iOS


dzook app
Image: dzook

Have you ever looked at someone’s social profile and wondered how they got those cartoon avatars of their face? Maybe you thought it took hundreds of dollars to commission an artist to do so (and sure, some probably did), but did you know you can do it with one click?

Dzook uses AI to turn selfies into stylized artwork, that you can use for your profile pictures or wherever else you might need an avatar. Eventually the plan is to offer personalized prints on things like t-shirts, socks, and phone cases, so you can turn your artwork into real items.

Android | iOS

Peacock TV

nbc peacock
Image: NBC

It’s never a bad time to download yet another streaming service app, and Peacock TV from NBCUniversal is here to keep your eyes busy. It’s full of a mix of live TV and on-demand shows, Spanish shows from Telemundo, and all the content you need to keep your kids entertained during lockdown. You can watch for free if you don’t mind adverts popping up like on cable TV, or you can pay $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month to unlock more content and less advertising.

Android | iOS

Facebook Gaming

facebook gaming app
Image: Facebook

Tired of watching your favorite streamers on Twitch? Fed up of the toxic chat on YouTube? Download Facebook Gaming and never have to open the Facebook website again so you can watch streamers, create your own community, or play mini-games. Well, unless you’re on iOS, where you can’t play mini-games because Apple says so.

Android | iOS

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