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The best must-have hunting apps every avid hunter needs

Let us delve into some popular hunting apps that would interest every hunter.

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Every hunting enthusiast is keen to own the right equipment and accessories to enjoy the sport. For instance, if you have a rimfire rifle, you will look for the best rimfire scope because it improves your hunting experience.  Now coming to the topic ‘Must-Have Hunting Apps’, you would be glad to know that there are many excellent apps loaded with amazing features hunters love.

For instance, while hunting, one needs to be careful about the territory in which he/she has laid down the map for finding the targets. Besides, a hunter also needs a location guide, especially if the trail leads deep into the forest. Thanks to advanced technology like built-in GPS, satellite imagery, and reliable network, that have made hunting apps possible. Let us delve into some popular hunting apps that would interest every hunter.


HuntStand is one of the most popular hunting apps being used by several hunters. It is easy to use and feature-rich at the same time. It offers different map views like satellite aerial imagery, topographic views and more. You will like its remarkable image quality, feature to create map boundaries, useful weather information, social features, trail tracking feature, and more.

You can upgrade to HuntStand Pro to enjoy further superb features and tools like Read 3D, Property Boundaries, Trail Camera management, Huntable Land, Tree Cover and more. A special “Huntzone” feature is also included that tells you about the wind speed and the areas where you can hunt without worrying about your scent and deer’s ability to smell humans.

The Hunt

With OnxHunt, you will get about four hundred twenty-one overlays of hunting maps all over the country, along with pointers locating about 10668 hunting units. Once you choose the state, you will get all the details of the land boundaries owned privately and publicly, the hunting districts, and even the names of the landowners. It will even help you know your current location in the wild from the maps you have saved. Laying out the maps, customization of waypoints, and synchronizing the app with the Cloud are some of the additional features of Onx Hunt.


ScoutLook will allow you to study the wind patterns and learn in which direction you should be moving to spot the targets easily. ScoutLook’s ScentCone system based on artificial intelligence is outstanding as it reveals the current wind direction and where it will head to. This is not all; it also displays the effect of wind on your scent so that you can plan your hunting movement accordingly.

Besides, you can use the GPS feature to see various properties with their boundaries and the landowner details. Furthermore, what makes Scoutlook more famous is its weather features giving you all the current details about a pinpointed location. You can even track your movements, save for future use, and mark the maps with waypoints in a customized map.


Unlike other apps used during hunting, Quiver is mainly designed to help you log every single event you have experienced during your outing for a particular day. You can keep them for future reference. It also shows all weather-related data.

You can use multiple screens at a time and assign each home screen slide to different locations. A scanning feature is also available. This allows you to locate the deer, take notes of their specific locations, and even keep count of how many you hunted. It also shows data trends.


Every Android and iPhone hunting app discussed above has some common and some unique feature(s). Evaluate your hunting needs carefully and go for the trial version before opting for a paid subscription. Keep your hunting passion alive!

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