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The best sports betting apps in 2020

If you are on the hunt for the first-class sports betting apps in 2020, these tips will help you detect bookmakers that are worth wasting your time and cash.

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Have you ever caught yourself on the thought that your entire life is on your phone? Losing a phone seems to be the biggest nightmare that you won’t wish even to an enemy. It’s unbelievable how a tiny gadget helps humanity take control over every aspect of daily routine. We get used to multiple apps that ‘live’ in our phones and help us run the business, order food and tickets, pay bills, and do a plethora of other stuff at lightning speed.

Sportsbooks chose not to witness this entire mobile craze from the sidelines. Mobile wagering has become mainstream among contemporary punters. A dominant segment of modern bettors lend privilege to the top-notch and well-crafted apps instead of their irksome desktop brothers.

Mobile vs. desktop betting

We can give several unbeaten arguments on why up-to-date punters prefer mobile apps to desktop solutions. Experienced bettors know how crucial it is to keep both eyes open, not miss a bountiful offer, and place a bet on time. When the time runs out of your fingers, you can’t waste treasured minutes or even seconds, rushing to your computer to place a bet.

With the phone, you have your beloved bookies always with you and can wager on events around the clock. It’s like having your BFF living next door! Another factor that makes punters opt for apps instead of the desktop is flexibility. With millions of tasks they have to keep in their heads, it is super handy to use apps that are always in a pocket.

When you need to drop kids to school, make a report for your boss, and find an anniversary gift to your wife, you can forget that a BIG GAME is today.  If you don’t want to mislay a big fish and need to act immediately, here is when betting apps rush to the rescue. You can place a fruitful bet wherever you are with a smart gadget in your hands.

Top-ranked betting apps 2020

Due to a tremendous demand among punters for top-notch wagering apps, we can currently witness a rise of a new era of the mob betting evolution. While high rollers already have their favorites among the industry giants, starters may miss out on the offerings.

Pundits suggest warding off unreliable apps that tease users by lavish bonuses and vibrant odds, but instead only solicit their money.  It can be tiring for casual bettors to detect first-class apps from scammers as the last are real pros in hiding their two-faced nature.

The WorldBookmakers expert team inspected hundreds of betting apps and cherry-picked those with an impeccable reputation, bountiful offers, and flawless live-betting solutions. Users can effortlessly track down the best apps by categories, depending on their preferences:

  • Best apps 2020 by sport
  • Best apps 2020 by vicinity
  • Best eSports apps 2020
  • Best new apps in 2020

The recognized leaders among the first-class apps in 2020 are:

  • bet365
  • Betway
  • Bovada
  • 22Bet
  • 1XBet
  • Betiton
  • William Hill
  • 888sport

Features of reliable wagering apps

  • Security: Punters can ensure that not an ounce of their personal and fin data will flow to thieves due to encoded software.
  • Support: A customer-provider interaction is a must-have for trustworthy apps. If punters wait an eternity to reach the help center, it’s a signal to change a bookmaker.
  • Speed: Having all the best bookies in your phone is every punter’s dream unless it won’t take hours to install the app.
  • Loyalty program: Eminent sportsbooks value their regular audience. They are never cheap on sweet perks and free offers to their loyal customers.
  • Creamy odds: Leading sportsbooks apps always release lines in advance and adjust the odds offering, considering the relevance of events and consumers’ demand.
  • Markets adaptability: First-class apps have an international audience with a diverse vision of popular sports. Thus, the operators tend to fit everyone’s needs with a flexible market offer.

Summing up

The world of sports betting does not stay still. Mobile technologies have deeply rooted in the wagering industry. The paramount rule to consider when picking up the betting apps in 2020 is to double-check that you are not losing your time and cash on frauds. Bet mindfully, and the luck will be at your side!

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