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The dangerous world of beauty apps

Due to false social media advertisements, now more than ever before, people are very insecure about their bodies especially teenagers making their self-esteem very low

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It can be said with certainty that both men and women of all ages, races, and religions have a certain amount of identity issues caused by the unrealistic beauty standards set by what is presented on a multitude of beauty apps and all over social media platforms

“The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” is a statement that has been distorted over time and which certainly cannot apply in today’s society and the world we live in. 

Although the saying is supposed to imply that all beauty is subjective, with social media it has been distorted to mean that more beauty will get more views. This pushes people to try to reach the ever-more unrealistic standards rendered by highly advanced software.

Generally, there are three things that shape us as a person, and actively affect our opinions and attitudes about everything:

  1. Family
  2. Society
  3. The media

It’s true that people have different tastes, but that is far from beauty being subjective. 

It is well known what is considered beautiful when it comes to public perception. We can keep pretending to think that all tastes are equal and start admitting that we all judge when we see something that noticeably sticks out of the image of ideal and beauty. 

Social Media Influence

While it’s undeniable that social media contributed some good in this world, it brought to us bad things as well. Today’s two most known and used social media platforms predominantly by young people are Instagram and TikTok. 

Instagram is an app where most people show only the best parts of their life. It is filled with images of unrealistic perfection. 

The problem is not at all the concept of showing the best highlights of life, but the problem is that people massively alter their physical appearance to the point that they are unrecognizable and don’t even look like human beings.

These misrepresentations have a very bad effect on young people’s minds and bodies who compare themselves to such unrealistic standards of appearance. Many try to achieve in real life what is only a mirage created by editing software.

On the other side, TikTok is an app with many more “normal” people than celebrities where people judge each other and receive validation or criticism from others based on their physical appearance. 

Young women and men put their bodies on display for a chance to go viral and get likes and followers. People participate in all kinds of challenges and trends that perpetuate detrimental beauty standards and are inherently problematic. 

It’s very unfortunate that these apps are creating self-hate and showing every day some new ways to criticize oneself, and they have the potential to be a safety net that propagates self-love and body positivity.

Beauty Backlash

Although there are a massive number of people who blindly follow trends and believe and admire celebrities and their perfect looks and life, there are also people who strive to uncover and show the truth behind the unrealistic images of those people. 

Across all social media platforms, there are pages and videos dedicated to showing celebrities without altered bodies and faces. This isn’t only happening in the West but is also occurring in Korea.

Celebrities are often put on a pedestal and the more fame they get the more they are looked at as some kinds of robots and people often dehumanize them and expect nothing but greatness and perfection from them. 

Well, countless pages show celebrities in a different light as normal people just like us. With pores and fine lines, cellulite, pimples, and stretch marks that are totally normal things we all have that make us human. 

These accounts also show pictures of before and after all kinds of surgical procedures and fillers that the majority of celebrities go under. 

Overall, it is very clever and good to follow those kinds of accounts that are made to remind us that social media platforms are basically smoke and mirrors and that we should not be so hard on ourselves and not believe everything we see online. 

Beauty Apps and Filters 

Due to false social media advertisements, now more than ever before, people are very insecure about their bodies especially teenagers making their self-esteem very low.

From blindly admiring celebrities teenagers tend to hide behind various filters, alter and Photoshop their bodies and actively think about whether they need some kind of plastic surgery to look like them. 

One main reason why the number of people who decide to get plastic surgery is tremendously increasing by the day is due to many different beauty apps and filters. 

There is not one social media platform that doesn’t contain a variety of filters and one of the most famous applications for that is Snapchat. Snapchat has 20+ filters that make your face look like a porcelain doll with big lips, huge eyes and no texture on the skin and at the end of the day, we see that “fake beauty” all over the internet. And the madness doesn’t stop there, since people then do plastic surgery to get their face as close to the filter as possible. 

All in all, we really should focus more on learning to love ourselves and embrace all the flaws that come with being a human. 

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