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The hot new fad on TikTok? Dipping your balls in soy sauce, naturally

I hate this soy much.

Soy sauce challenge on tiktok
Image: KnowTechie

I don’t know what is going on but I woke up this morning and was told to write about balls and soy sauce so here we are.

I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet, but here I am, watching people on TikTok (thankfully off-camera) take their giblets and, like sushi from the corner market, dip them in soy sauce.

I’m not one to shame the youth for what they do, but c’mon, seriously what the heck? Guys, fellas, if your balls could taste, you’d have a mouthful of funk like 24/7.

But wait, you say, it’s not all flavors you dumbass, it’s just the umami flavor

It seems the youth have been dredging up old Business Insider and DailyMail articles (because yeah, that makes sense) about taste receptors and how certain parts of our body have a form of taste buds.

Why soy sauce? Because the article talks about “the amino acid taste of soy sauce.”  What they are forgetting, however, is that pee is stored in the balls that these tastebuds are on the inside, not the outside.

But that isn’t stopping anyone from grabbing the boys and dunking them in the black nectar of the gods for all of TikTok to see. Many have even claimed they can taste it, but they are either just smelling it and getting confused or THEY ARE STRAIGHT-UP LYING. But no one would do that, right? Lie on the internet for clout? That’s not a thing, is it?

Whatever. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Imma go mainline this coffee directly into my veins and see if I can taste it.

What do you think? Dipped your balls in anything interesting recently? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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