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Clearview AI, the company that already knows your face, requires a picture of your face to opt-out

Everything is truly terrible.

Facial recognition being shown on a person with fingerprint data
Image: Cisco

Whelp, it seems that the fresh hell that is privacy-invasion, Clearview AI, got even worse after all the media attention earlier this week. Just after the initial media reports Clearview AI updated its privacy policy to include an opt-out option.

The kicker? You have to send them a selfie and a picture of your government-issued identification. Umm, isn’t the whole issue that they have our images?

To opt-out of Clearview AI’s face-scraping, you have to send them… your face

Wait, what? You have to send the privacy-invading, web scraping against ToS, collecting your images without consent, company not one, but two things with your face on them? What is this Kafkaesque monstrosity?

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Anyway, to get your pictures out of the hands of this company, you have to email them at That supposedly connects you to their Data Protection Officer, who can answer questions or facilitate takedown requests.

The thing is, you have to send them your full name, your government ID, and a selfie (why they need the last one if you’re sending your ID is beyond me). They say they’ll delete the images sent for opt-out once they’ve complied, but that doesn’t mean they will comply. Heck, for all we know, it’s just a way to confirm that the images their web-crawling programs collected are actually you.

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