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The social media site started by the MyPillow guy is apparently a security dumpster fire

Seriously, your pillow is harder to crack.

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Image: KnowTechie

It seems that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is getting column inches lately for all the wrong reasons. According to Salon, the coding “grandmasters” of popular content management software Drupal say his FRANK social media site has been created with virtually no security measures in place.

The site launched to “VIPs” last Thursday night, with multiple crashes since then. According to the coders that Salon spoke with, that’s probably down to whoever did the coding failing to do even basic “Drupal 101” tasks.

See, the thing really is that Drupal isn’t a great choice for running a social media site, as it’s designed for blogs or sites, like our own, that have a small team of people creating content. It’s just not designed to handle the huge amounts of user-generated content that your average social media site gets daily.

Other SNAFUs seem to be launching the site in development mode, according to one Drupal grandmaster, and that coding errors were publicly visible. That’s a huge no-no in cybersecurity, as showing those supposed admin-only error messages gives hackers valuable information if they wish to attack the site. These errors and others were characterized as “juvenile in nature” by the Drupal experts who spoke to Salon under conditions of anonymity due to the “sensitive nature of their employment and the risk of being doxxed by Lindell’s supporters.”

Maybe the fact that Lindell’s FRANK webpage doesn’t appear to have a sign-up button right now is all the proof we need to believe the opinions of the Drupal experts.

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