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Donald Trump is working on his own social media platform that will “redefine the game”

Someone had to take Parler’s place, so this makes sense.

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Back while Donald Trump was still president, and before his second impeachment, he was removed from most of the major social media platforms after the US Capitol riots. Now, one of his senior advisors says Trump will be “returning to social media in probably about two or three months.

Oh, word? So like Twitter and Facebook and stuff? No, “with his own platform.” Ahh, so not so much returning to social media, as I need to maintain relevance and this is my final option. Got it. Trump’s senior advisor, Jason Miller, told Fox News about the project and it’s exactly what you would expect from a bunch of hacks.

Miller uses dramatic phrases like “redefine the game” to describe what can only be expected as a Parler competitor, where racism, xenophobia, and sexism run rampant. Truly game-changing. Miller said it’s going to be “big” and that it will draw “tens of millions of people.” No word yet on how many of those will be Russian bots, but I expect the numbers to be yhuge.

Trump supporters in the Fox News comment section are already proclaiming the second coming of Social Christ, making such bold statements as “Twitter stocks will tank” and that with the money he makes he “could fund an army.” Just super normal things.

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