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The Zenbre Z4 is a Bluetooth speaker with amazing sound that will blow your mind

This speaker really surprised us.

zenbre bluetooth speaker
Image: Amazon

The Zenbre Z4 Bluetooth Speaker is a stylishly designed unit that blends in well with any décor. This speaker is great for everyday use and will travel well. This very popular model has many features that we will learn more about below.

Amazing Sound

When it comes to quality sound the Zenbre Z4 produces true stereo sound. The speaker balances sound between the right and left channels, giving you 360-degree coverage. This makes the unit perfect for surround sound and will work great with your TV. The Z4 also works great with desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and more. So no matter what device you are using it will be easy to link up this speaker for high-quality sound.

This Bluetooth model comes with a 2x5W speaker that is combined with 2×2” low-frequency radiators, along with two drivers and a passive subwoofer. This combination produces true surround sound that is crystal clear, so you will never have to work about coverage.

zenbre bluetooth speaker

Image: Amazon

Great for Traveling

Designed to go just about anywhere, the Zenbre Z4 Bluetooth Speaker is lightweight and can easily be stored away while not in use. A waterproof fabric covers the body of the speaker, making it perfect for parties and outdoor get-togethers. You can even bring this speaker by the pool without having to worry about it getting wet.

When tested in the lab, water was poured directly onto the unit and it remained completely dry inside. Well-built the Z4 can stand up to everyday wear and will last a very long time.

A Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

This model comes standard with a powerful rechargeable 1800mAh Li Battery. This long-lasting battery has a run time of up to 24 hours during normal use and up to 18 hours if played at higher volume levels. Having this much run time is great for those who are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can be heavily used without having to constantly recharge. Because this model uses a high version of Bluetooth that has a prompt connection, you won’t have to waste battery life.

The Zenbre Z4 is one of the best all-around Bluetooth speakers. Not only does it produce high-quality sound it also can be used with a wide range of different devices. But one of the best uses for this speaker has to be as surround sound because it can cover 360 degrees with ease. Great for parties and other events, it also can be carried with you anywhere you go.

A sample unit was provided to KnowTechie for the purpose of this review.


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