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Ringke is already offering up iPhone 8 and iPhone X cases under $5

Well, that didn’t take long.

Iphone 8
Image: 9to5Mac

It’s official, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is here. You can pre-order the iPhone 8 starting on Friday, September 15 while orders start shipping September 22. Pre-orders for the iPhone X start on October 27 and those are expected to ship on November 3.

As expected, these phones are not cheap. So before dropping a whole lot of cash on these smartphones, it probably wouldn’t hurt to protect that investment with a case. Surprisingly, Ringke is one of the first folks to introduce cases to this new line of iPhone models and surprisingly, they’re all under $5.

Just keep in mind, the seller must be Ringke Official Store not fulfilled by Amazon to get free shipping and to be able to apply the promotional codes. If you see fulfilled by Amazon then click “Other Sellers on Amazon” (right side of the product page below the “add to cart” box) and select the listing directly from Ringke.

iPhone X

  • Flow (Clear) $3.92 w/ code Z343HAZZ
  • Flow (Smoke Black) $3.92 w/ code GTKKZU7B
  • Fusion  (Clear) $3.92 w/ code 5IU8AWPM
  • Air Prism (Rose Gold) $3.92 w/ code 6FSXKHSP
  • Onyx (Black) $3.92 w/ code F74G3QEQ

iPhone 8 Plus

  • Fusion (Clear) $3.92 w/ code AQNRDITY
  • Air (Clear) $3.92 w/ code F9S2ACVD
  • Air Prism (Rose Gold) $3.92 w/ code 639NS54Z
  • Flex S (Brown) $3.92 w/ code QLZMG7IE
  • Onyx  (Black) $3.92 w/ code E842T9T3
  • Max  (Rose Gold) $3.92 w/ code IRNSSGRY
  • ID Tempered Glass 0.33 $3.92 w/ code QXRZLDV7

iPhone 8

  • Fusion (Clear) $3.92 w/ code 42TGI2OW
  • Air  (Clear) $3.92 w/ code OTSGT2JR
  • Air Prism (Rose Gold) $3.92 w/ code GFMXB8G9
  • Flex S (Brown) $3.92 w/ code HSSOTZTA
  • Onyx (Black) $3.92 w/ code MU4F73EN
  • Max (Rose Gold) $3.92 w/ code O9TAOBTD
  • ID Tempered Glass 0.33  $3.92 w/ code R3H5F53I

Sure, there might be better cases that come along, but at just $5, what do you really have to complain about? Seriously, $5 for something that protects your $900+ investment, sounds pretty fair to us.

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