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ThinkGeek showed us an obscenely expensive Fallout 4 toy at PAX East and it was awesome

No one needs a $375 Fallout Power Armor figure from Think Geek, but it’s pretty bad ass.

Fallout 4

Our friends at Think Geek invited me to stop by their booth at PAX East 2017 and check out the newest goodies they’ve got for sale. At the top of the list was their massive 14 and 1/2 inch tall T-51 Power Armor collectible figure. Seriously, this thing is obscene and incredible.

From the product description page:

“Be the envy of the entire Commonwealth with this ThinkGeek exclusive Fallout 4 T-51 Power Armor Figure. From ThreeZero, this figure with over 35 points of articulation is just like their T-45 and T-60 Power Armor Figures, except, well, it’s the T-51, so it’s superior. (But that also means the pieces are interchangeable, in case your particular Sole Survivor needs a female head or a AER-9 Laser Rifle.”

While I would have preferred to see more die-cast metal, this thing is one of the dopest figures I’ve ever seen in person. It’s got a ton of articulation points and the armor can be swapped with the other Power Armor figures for maximum customization. If you’re a massive Fallout fan, this figure would absolutely be a major talking point in your collection if you don’t mind shelling out the hefty fee for it.

While the Fallout toy was far and away the most impressive thing on sale, they had a few other goodies that were much more affordable and still pretty awesome.

These Solar and Lunar D20s are exclusive to conventions and are simply just a little bit of extra flash for when you need to brag about that critical roll. When these dies land on 20, they flash to let everyone know that you did the best thing you could do. It’s like fanfaire, but you can have it in quiet places.

Next up was this sweet set of Street Fighter II pins. Pinned to a diorama that looks like Ryu’s stage being displayed on the old school arcade machine, these pins of Chun-Li and Ryu facing off in their classic battle stances bring back fantastic nostalgia for all Street Fighter fans. While I would have preferred Ryu throwing a Hadoken and Chun-Li with her leg up ready to Lightning kick, the basic stance still remains iconic and makes these pins an excellent showpiece for your Street Fighter collection.

Finally, Think Geek being the kings of all things silly and unnecessary showed me something I never knew I wanted but it made perfect sense once I saw it:

It’s a Piranha plant puppet. When folded up, the plant sits nicely inside of the pipe just waiting for an opportune moment to strike when someone dare passes over head. Pushing your arm into the puppet allows you to chomp to your heart’s content. I love it, Maggle.


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