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This AI lets you talk with your loved ones after they die

HereAfter AI aims to keep the memory of your deceased loved ones alive.

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Image: HereAfter AI

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With technology advancing at the rapid pace that it is, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way for us to chat with our deceased loved ones. Well, it looks like that time is now, as the people over at HereAfter AI have developed a way to do just that.

HereAfter AI’s story starts with one man. CEO of the company, James Vlahos, learned a few years ago that his father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Wanting to preserve as much of his father as possible, Vlahos developed the Dadbot.

Dadbot was a way for Vlahos to keep his father’s voice and personality around. Over the course of several months and more than a dozen sessions, Vlahos sat down with his father listening to, and recording, just about all of his life stories. He then turned those words into an interactive AI that speaks in his father’s voice.


Now, Vlahos is bringing his “Dadbot” technology to the public. His company, HereAfter AI, has turned the Dadbot into an AI application that people all over can use to keep their loved ones around after they pass.

I’ll admit, I was a little creeped out at first glance. But HereAfter AI’s “Life Story Avatar” platform actually seems super cool. People can head to the HereAfter AI website and start recording their own life stories and advice to be shared with family members.

Recording stories and uploading pictures is free at HereAfter AI. Once you’ve recorded your stories, you can go back and chat with your own Life Story Avatar. The platform offers options starting at $49 per year to let family members access and chat with you Life Story Avatar.

The idea behind HereAfter AI’s Life Story Avatar is really simple: Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear a family member’s voice. When that family member is gone, voice recordings may be all that we have left.

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HereAfter’s LIfe Story Avatar seems like a really cool way to keep your loved ones’ memories and stories alive, all while giving you the comfort of hearing their voice.

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