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This app scans all of your LEGO pieces to figure out what you can build

Great, now I need to go buy some more LEGO sets.

brickit lego app
Image: KnowTechie

Any LEGO owner knows the pain of losing instructions to your favorite set, or not knowing which pieces go where once your parents “helpfully” put them all in the same box. Now you can fix that with AI, with a new app called Brickit.

Found on iOS currently (with an Android version coming later this year), Brickit has a few ways of making your LEGO-making life easier. If you know which sets you’ve already got, you can log those in the app, so it knows exactly what pieces you have. That’s important, as Brickit can also suggest new creations to build, based on what pieces you already have.

Then there’s the AI-powered part of the app, which is magical. Lost your instructions? Lost the boxes and don’t know which sets you own, only that you’ve got a big ol box of LEGO pieces? Throw them all on the floor and point your phone’s camera at them. Brickit will scan the pieces, and figure out what you have, and suggest builds.

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Yes, no more manual sorting – let the app deal with it. You’ll get options on possible builds, full instructions on how to proceed, and even highlighted sections of the mess on the floor so you know exactly where to dig to find the necessary parts. Whew.

The only thing it doesn’t do right now? The app can’t catalog your parts from the camera scan. That means you’ll have to pour your bricks on the floor every time you want to build something new, instead of being able to pick up suggestions from the app, as if you’ve told the app which sets you own.

You can use Brickit on iOS devices right now, with an Android version coming “this fall.”

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