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This extremely portable keychain charger is currently 20% off

No one wants to haul around a big battery pack.

atomx3 keychain charger
Image: KnowTechie

Look, we all know you’re terrible at keeping your iPhone charged. We all are, it’s ok. Nobody wants to be the friend that is always mooching a charger off a friend, it’s only slightly less annoying than the “what games you got on your phone” kids.

That’s why you (and me) need a convenient way to charge your device. Sure, you could carry around a bulky battery pack, those things are awesome, but also heavy. And no one wants to bust one of those bad boys out at the dinner table, “Carl, wtf, I’m trying to eat over here. Get your dongle off the table.”

The AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger is here for you, dear reader. Featuring a 1,300mAh battery, it’s small enough to fit on your keychain but powerful enough to keep you from being stranded downtown after a night of partying while you desperately try to book an Uber before your phone dies in your hands. It is currently on sale for 20% off, totaling $39.99.

More about the AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger

If you need more convincing, I’ll let the company teach you a thing or two about the portable charger, I’m done typing:

  • MFi Lightning
  • Squeeze additional power to your device w/ the E-Charger’s high-density battery cell
  • Easily turn on the device by simply pressing down the touch sensor for 3 seconds
  • Give your smartphone over 3 hours of charging time w/ the 1,300mAh battery capacity
  • Fit the E-Charger comfortably in your hand or pocket thanks to its ergonomic design


AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger

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