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OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray vision filter will be temporarily disabled due to privacy concerns

It’s called Photochrom mode and it’s amazing.

one plus 8 pro camera
Image: KnowTechie

UPDATE 5/19/20: So, as it is with many things in life, all good things must come to an end. At least, in China on HydrogenOS. According to OnePlus, the company is disabling the filter that allowed the OnePlus 8 Pro to have X-ray-like vision. It cites privacy concerns as the main reason for the decision. While it will only disable the feature in China, it will eventually roll out tweaks globally.

The Photochrom filter wasn’t meant to give users light X-Ray vision, but instead started its life as a humble photo filter. The original article can be found below.

So, if you grew up reading comic books, you probably saw hundreds of adverts promising to sell you X-ray glasses that would let you look through your hands, your possessions, and your neighbor’s clothing. Those turned out to be a scam, with pinholes inside cardboard lenses, but the new OnePlus 8 Pro has a nifty camera trick that can see through some types of plastic.

Whaaat??? Yes, it’s true, and it’s all down to the 5MP color filter camera that OnePlus added into the quad-camera arrangement on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Usually, additional lenses that do color filtering or other effects such as monochrome are just used to add gimmicky tricks to the camera that nobody asked for but were added to differentiate in the crowded smartphone market.

This time, the camera lens added by OnePlus actually has a really cool superpower – seeing through some types of plastic. It can also see through drinks such as cola or wine, or see usually invisible infrared LEDs, like the ones in your TV remote control. The Photochrom mode is the one you need to look for inside the OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera app, and pretty soon you’ll be pointing it at everything in your home.

Check out the OnePlus 8 Pro’s amazing camera trick

Ever seen the inside of your Nintendo Switch Pro controller?

Is it black or is it not? This is like that damn blue dress thing again, isn’t it?

Or maybe you want to suck the color out of life…

And trees

Who needs to unscrew things to see what’s going on inside?

Oh, your jeans disappeared as well?

Maybe those Oculus controllers are just virtually there?

Wait, what’s going on with this lens?

Image: Android Authority

Oh, the Amazon Fire TV cube is pretty empty inside, who knew? I wonder where they store all the shows…

And even smartphones aren’t immune to its all-seeing eye…

Whew OnePlus, you’ve got a winner on your hands here with the OnePlus 8 Pro. We might not be able to go out and take pictures with your newest phone, but that won’t stop us from pointing it at everything we own.

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