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This gadget kills 99.9% of germs on your everyday items – right now it’s discounted down to $100

Typically sold for $125, The Link UV + Ozone Sterilizer is now price-dropped to only $99.99.

link uv ozone sterlilzer
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Did you know that your phone is the dirtiest thing you own? It’s even ten times more polluted than a toilet seat at 25,000 bacteria per square inch. Some of our everyday items are exposed to thousands of germs on the daily, without us even knowing it. With health being our number one priority these days, The Link UV + Ozone Sterilizer is here to help maintain your prized possessions germ-free. Plus, it’s now 20% off.

With Quad surround dual-band UV lamps and a powerful UV light, this device works full force to get rid of all bacteria and viruses, keeping your phone, earphones, jewelry, keys, masks, and more free from the invisible enemies. Fast and potent, the mighty sanitizing light kills 99.9% of germs within a little over 6 minutes. With a 360° rotation that reaches every crevice, you’ll soon simplify your daily disinfecting routine. 

Not only does The Link UV + Ozone Sterilizer disinfect your everyday essentials, but it also purifies the surface areas around it, making it a great accessory to keep on your desk or countertop. With an extendable phone holder, you’ll be able to safely house your phone, while it’s unique construction even lets you view your texts while your phone is sanitizing, making sure you never miss a message. With its compact structure and a simple USB port available for charging, you’ll be able to take the sanitizer on the go and purify objects while you’re out and about. Simply sit back and let the disinfecting device do all the work.

Typically sold for $125, The Link UV + Ozone Sterilizer is now price-dropped to only $99.99. Maintain your sanity and keep your everyday objects disinfected with this powerful device.

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