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This interactive projector brings VR and the movie theater on-the-go for $329

You can buy the CINEMOOD 360: First 360° Interactive Projector from StackSocial Exclusives for $328.99 today.

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You probably first came across a projector in your old elementary school days. Despite all the heavy-duty machinery and cables needed to power it, the way it could transform any screen was still magical.

Now that time has passed, technology is presently working in your favor and you don’t need any plugs, cables, or cords to bring that same magic to your home or anywhere you please with the CINEMOOD 360: First 360° Interactive Projector.

This projector defines innovation by being 100 percent portable and handheld without the need to ever plug anything in. With one flick of a button, you have a 12-foot projector that has the capability of streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Youtube, AmebaTV, and Moolt. As Amazon’s best selling mini projector, reviewers have used the projector for “road trips, camping, and backyard dates” galore.

It’s more than just TV shows and feature flicks. The interactive motion games bring you or your loved one into a virtual world of beloved characters, with the power of playing 360-degree videos.

Whether you have little ones running around your house that need to be entertained or you’re living solo, it’s quality entertainment at home or on the go. Normally, this multi-feature cube would run you $499. With a savings of 34 percent, it’s an investment that can brighten up any day.

If you’re permanently scarred from the humming sounds of projectors from your prime, know that you’ll escape the horrors with the CINEMOOD 360: First 360° Interactive Projector because it runs absolutely silently.

Simply connect to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, and the projector provides entertainment for up to five hours. No Wi-Fi? No problem – You can still access the pre-installed content.

You can buy the CINEMOOD 360: First 360° Interactive Projector from StackSocial Exclusives for $328.99 today, a remarkable savings of 34 percent.

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