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This new Apple patent wants your iPhone and Mac to be completely wrapped in glass

Can’t wait to crack my six-sided screen.

all-glass iphone concept image
Image: Conceptsiphone

If you already hate that your smartphone is clad in glass, look away now. Apple was just granted a patent that could pave the way for an all-glass iPhone with a wraparound display that could show content on all six sides. Insanity, right?

According to Patently Apple, who spotted the granting of the patent, it’s not the first time Apple has filed patents for all-glass devices. The company has been at it since 2013, but this latest patent is different.

Named “Electronic device with glass enclosure,” the patent doesn’t just detail a six-sided, all-glass, all-touchscreen, all-display iPhone, but also all-glass versions of the Apple Watch and even the Mac Pro tower.

all-glass iphone, apple watch, and mac pro from patent documents
Image: KnowTechie (via USPTO)

Yes, even a desktop Mac. I can only imagine that’s possible because of the cool-running M1 chips because there’s no earthly way to keep an Intel CPU cool in an all-glass, unventilated enclosure.

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Part of the patent talks about scrolling around a cylinder, like the Mac Pro “trashcan” design. That would be cool as you could have YouTube videos on your actual computer tower while you worked on your attached display.

The parts of the Apple patent talking about the all-glass iPhone only mention it “may be transparent” on the sides. It would be kinda cool to see the internals of the iPhone, at least on some faces.

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Then again, it might just be more useful to extend the screen and touchscreen around the edges, so things like notifications or commonly-used app shortcuts could be shown, so they don’t take up extra space on the main display screen.

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