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This new Yelp feature recommends a bar’s most popular drink

The new feature is an extension of Yelp’s Popular Dishes feature.

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Image: KnowTechie

Yelp is the go-to site for many people deciding where they’re going to eat, and now it’s got a new feature. Popular Drinks highlights the most talked-about beverages at cafes and bars.

That means whether you’re going to a new bar, coffee shop, or even boba place, you’ll have some idea of where to start. The new feature is the drink version of Yelp’s Popular Dishes feature, which has been helping Yelpers choose what to eat since 2018.

And yes, the feature will have photos and reviews of those suggested drinks. I mean, we’re visual animals, so it makes sense that Yelp would want to show off those carefully-crafted cocktails or beautifully-bubbly boba creations.

Suggestions are based on the most popular drinks that Yelp reviewers mentioned and took pictures of.

yelp open on a laptop and smartphone showing the new popular drinks feature
Image: Yelp

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Yelp also did a deep dive to find the most “uniquely popular cocktails” across the US. The humble Margarita got 36 percent of the cocktail mentions, making it reign supreme over the category.

Some of the exotic cocktails from major cities are interesting. Both Seattle and Orlando love CBD-infused offerings, which maybe means that the Left and the Right agree on some things. Washington, DC loves Brambles, which is fitting for the thorny job of politics.

New Orleans loves the Pimms Cup, and is probably the only place outside of London where that alcohol is appreciated. Oh, and Las Vegas loves the Watermelon Mai Tai, because who isn’t going to order a drink with tiny umbrellas in it when in Vegas?

Yelp’s new Popular Drinks feature is already live. It will appear in the same place that the Popular Dishes carousel shows up, for drink-centric businesses. Only businesses in the US or Canada will get the feature for now, and it is available across iOS, Android, and desktop.

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