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This startup is taking the pain out of adding backyard studios to your property

Cover takes the hassle out of the entire building process for backyard studios – from design and construction to making sure all permits are in place.

I don’t know if any of you guys have ever had to deal with putting an extension or additional building on your property, but from all my time watching HGTV I can tell you it’s not as easy as it may seem. Besides just the construction of the structure, there are multiple codes you have to meet, some not easy to recognize, and every area seems to have different rules. That’s where Cover comes into play.

While they might not work with traditional extensions, they do provide services for custom backyard studios and other accessory dwelling units. Not only do they come up with the designs, their service takes customers from the planning and designing stage all the way to final construction, all the way to the move in stage for the customer. They even handle all of the in between and secure permits and make sure the building meets all local coding requirements.

Founded in 2014, the company was started by Xavier Rivas and features lead designer, Thomas Heyer. Heyer brought with him a high level of expertise in design that really shows through the innovative designs and ideas he brought to the company. Many of those innovative ideas are found directly in the design and practicalness that is present in the studio units the company designs and produces. His ideas allow for easy transportation and assembly of the units and a unique multi-material sandwich design that not only makes transportation easier, but allows for easy access to install wiring and pipes. In fact, his design implies the usage of quick connecting connections, so they pre-wire their panels from the factory.

The units are designed in mere days and takes into account everything from sun paths to geospatial data to make sure your design is perfect for your space. Studio spaces are built in shop and transported in pieces to the final location (that they have already set up with foundation work). Currently, Cover only works with customers in LA, but with a recent funding round of $1.6 million, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them expanding their market.

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