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Threads app makes its way to European users

Is wider access to the Threads app Twitter’s last nail in the coffin?

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Meta’s Threads app has stepped onto European soil, taking the social media tussle between up-and-coming social networks and Elon Musk’s X to new territory.

The Threads app, envisioned as a strong contender to Twitter (now X), now graces over 100 countries with its presence, following the nod from the European Commission.

The EU launch aligns with Meta’s global aspirations, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg eyes the billion-user mark despite a dip in user engagement after a pretty strong start.

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The Threads app is now available in Europe

The plot thickens when we look at the regulatory chessboard.

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) has reshaped the game, pushing Meta to decouple the Threads app from mandatory Instagram linkage—a strategic move that also signals Meta’s adaptation to the EU’s fair competition crusade.

The Guardian highlights the story behind the scenes, noting the initial delay and Meta’s compliance dance with the DMA.

“People who use Threads without a profile can browse content on Threads, search for accounts, share content via link copying or platform sharing, and report Threads content, but can’t create a post or interact with content,” Meta wrote in a blog post.

Everyone’s on the edge of their seats, wondering if Threads can swipe the spotlight from Twitter, which hasn’t been doing so well since Musk took the helm.

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The Threads app made quite the entrance in July 2022, with an impressive two million users signing up in just a few hours post-launch, according to The Tech Report.

By the end of its first week, this number skyrocketed to 100 million. In comparison, it took Instagram over two years to hit that mark. Fast forward to the second week, and Threads has amassed over 150 million users.

At its peak, Threads had around 49 million daily active users, but this number took a nosedive, dropping by more than 70% to just 13 million in a matter of weeks, as reported by Similarweb.

Looking to the future, projections suggest potential growth, with some sources anticipating that Threads could rake in billions and reach hundreds of millions of daily users.

However, sustaining this growth will hinge on whether Threads can keep its user base hooked with new and engaging features.

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