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Tim Cook really wants folks to know the WSJ report about him and Jony Ive is complete bullshit

This email raises more questions than it answers.

apple's tim cook standing with an apple logo behind him
Image: DigitalSpy

Yesterday, a couple of reports in the WSJ and Bloomberg painted a picture of the relationship between Apple’s outgoing design maestro, Jony Ives, and CEO Tim Cook that was less than flattering about the Apple head honcho.

Well, get your retraction stamps ready cause Tim really, really, really, doesn’t agree with the picture painted.

In a quick email sent to Dylan Byers, a senior reporter at NBC News, Apple’s CEO unleashed a scathing attack on the prior reports. If the email is correct, all of the prior reporting is inaccurate, at best. Cook called the conclusions made by the WSJ “[not] matching with reality.”

Cook was so pissed he dashed off a rebuttal email ‘Sent from my iPhone’

tim cook email to dylan at nbc

Image: Email sent to NBC News’ Dylan Byers by Tim Cook

  • The report from the WSJ was based on interviews with people in Ive’s orbit conducted over a year. Are all of those wrong? Cherry-picked to fit the conclusions the reporter wanted? Possibly, but when you have multiple sources saying the same thing, it tends to be true.
  • One of the conclusions is that it was Tim Cook himself who was (at least partly) responsible for Ive’s leaving.

This email from Cook raises more questions than it answers for me. Why was it sent to a reporter at an outlet unconnected to the original reports? Why, when Apple should be in full PR-spin mode with Ive’s leaving, is the CEO sending emails from his personal account?

At least it wasn’t signed “from my Android device.”

What do you think? Surprised that Cook responded in the way he did? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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