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Top 10 productivity apps to organize your life

These apps are downloadable on all platforms and devices – so get started and see which ones work for you

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Each and every one of us most likely owns a phone, laptop, PC, or tablet that we use on a daily basis. Even so, the struggle to maintain some sort of balance and organization when it comes to managing our daily lives and time seems to be a serious struggle for most people these days. Life is busy!

Staying organized on top of all your endless tasks can seem daunting to most people – say you are living in the UK, it’s almost as if you need your very own Managed IT Services London based company with you at all times to stay on track. We are going to explore our top 10 applications you should have on your devices to help make life easier to manage. 

There are so many options out there it can be hard to find the right apps for you – it helps to try a few out and see which ones suit your work and life habits best so that they can really make a positive difference in your life. If you feel like you have a million things going on and are not getting much done, then these apps are sure to help you.

We spoke to an IT Support Company in London to see what they think; they have said that the rise in technology and these kinds of organization apps have helped countless clients to perform better at work and stay on top of their daily to-do’s. 

Here are our top 10 organization apps:

  1. EverNote
  2. Wunderlist
  3. Trello
  4. Microsoft OneNote
  5. Hootsuite
  6. Fit Notes 
  7. Pocket
  8. Microsoft SharePoint
  9. Microsoft To-Do
  10. LastPass

Go on and give them a try – we promise you will find at least one of the applications useful, they will make life easier and help you manage those tasks you just cannot seem to stay on top of.

We like Microsoft’s OneNote for its easy-to-use layout, and the SharePoint app makes managing your work seamless. These apps are downloadable on all platforms and devices – so get started and see which ones work for you! With technology taking over most aspects of our lives we need to embrace the good parts and make use of them. 

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