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Top ad campaigns on YouTube

ads are important pieces of information that consumers need to know before making a purchase, so using Youtube for advertising is great.

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On average, people tend to see thousands of ads every single day. There isn’t any place all over the world that hasn’t been branded or advertised at this point.

Despite the many ads available around the globe, at all times, there are not many that are incredibly effective.

Companies should focus on the most effective ones to learn from them and implement similar strategies in their advertising campaigns.


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In 2021, Amazon created an advertising campaign promoting virtual assistant technology from the Alexa company.

The ads for the campaign generated nearly 80 billion views on YouTube when it was released.

It grabbed everyone’s attention, partly because it featured the movie starring Michael B. Jordan and partly because of the comedy and creativity of the ad itself.

The ad first started with a woman admiring the Echo Dot from Amazon. The woman then turns to a window and sees an advertisement for Michael B. Jordan’s latest movie. Then she starts imagining a brand-new life where Amazon’s Alexa is the actor.

Amazon dot fourth generation on a wooden table
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

The audience watching the ad goes on a funny journey with the woman inside the ad as she goes through life with the actor until finally snapping back to reality.

This advertising campaign from Amazon was so popular with consumers because the company managed to take a product that’s quite difficult to advertise to consumers.

Additionally, they managed to bring it quite literally to life with the help of a celebrity. This type of creativity for an advertising campaign can quickly grab the target audience’s attention.

And getting a celebrity to endorse the solution also helps generate more brand awareness among the customers. So as long as the product and the celebrity are well aligned.


Political advertising ads
Source: Pixabay

The most viewed video on the Masterclass YouTube channel is from an advertising campaign for one of those Masterclasses on the platform. The Masterclass in question is about the art of negotiation, which Chris Voss teaches.

Even though the company has plenty of other videos on the YouTube account that feature many more famous names and celebrities, this is the one that managed to capture most people’s attention worldwide.

From the beginning of the video, audiences are intrigued because Chris Voss opens with the statement that everything in life is negotiation.

After that statement, the viewers are immediately immersed in a world where they are both the narrator and the subject.

This advertising campaign for Masterclass was so popular with audiences because the company managed to answer a fundamental question that most customers have. So therefore, they need to care about the solution they are promoting.

The video tells the audience how the information can relate to them and how they can use it in their everyday life and benefit from it. These are all essential information consumers need to know before purchasing.

Editor’s Note: Matt Caiola is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency

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