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This trick brings Apple’s classic startup chime back to the new MacBook Pros

How to bring back the startup chime on the new MacBook Pros.

Macbook Pro

How to bring back the startup chime on the new MacBook Pros.

Prospective MacBook Pro buyers are upset about one thing about the company’s new lineup. No, it’s not all the dongles Apple will make you buy to connect all your Apple devices. Surprisingly, it’s the fucking startup chime!

That’s right, everyone is up in arms because Apple decided to take away the company’s trademark chime.

But not to worry, a MacRumors forum user jessejarvi came up with a nifty trick to bring back the startup sound everyone holds so dear. All a user has to do is launch the Terminal application  (which is located in the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder) and enter the commands found below to switch the boot-up startup chime back.

Just as a heads up, try this at your own risk. This will modify certain aspects of your computer at a system level. Also, this won’t work for previous MacBooks, this will only work for the brand new MacBook Pros.

To disable automatic boot-up on lid opening:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00

To reenable automatic boot-up:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03

To disable the startup chime:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

To enable the startup chime:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%0

This is the end result:

The Verge via MacRumors

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