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Twitter is rolling out its Tip Jar feature so you can pay people for their crappy tweets

It will be interested to see how often this is used by users once it fully rolls out.

After Jack Dorsey spoke about a feature that would let Twitter users send money to other users for their content, that feature is starting to be realized in the form of Tip Jar.

Essentially, Tip Jar is exactly what it sounds like. Users can attach different payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Then, other users who want to show gratitude for a tweet by going to their profile, clicking the Tip Jar icon, and sending a tip.

Twitter notes that the feature is being tested with some users now, but not everyone has the functionality yet. The company says it does not get a cut of any tip and that everything goes to the creator, which is nice.


While only select users now have the functionality to receive tips, anyone can send one, and Spaces users can also send tips through the audio-only chatrooms.

Overall, it’s a solid feature, but users are already realizing that doing something like sending money to other Twitter users can also reveal more information about themselves than they might like.

When sending through PayPal for example, it can show the tipper’s address. While this is a PayPal issue and not necessarily Twitter’s concern, the company still needs to do a better job of informing people of the possibility when using Tip Jar.

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