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Twitter Retweets is your next must-follow Twitter account

Highlighting some of the funny and uplifting tweets to grace the platform.

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Image: Twitter

To find good things on Twitter, you typically have to wade through a bunch of political posts, bad hot takes, and gems like this. It can be exhausting, but luckily there are meme accounts and things of that nature to help break up all the terribleness.

Now, Twitter is getting in on the action with the Twitter Retweets account. This account is free of politics and other terrible things and focuses on highlighting some of the funny things users have tweets across the years. It’s a nice reprieve from what Twitter has (mostly) become.

Here are some of our favorite retweets from the Twitter Retweets account

The account is still pretty new, but there are already some real gems here.

This one hits a bit too close to home

Love that relevant meme content

This one isn’t funny, but it is cute (I’m so lonely omg)

Don’t call me out like this

I think we can all agree with this

This changes everything 🤯🤯

Seriously, if you need a break from your timeline, this is a solid, curated account worth following.

Plan on checking the Twitter Retweets account out? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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