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Twitter thinks Elon Musk should step down as Twitter’s CEO

Will he choose to heed the call of the masses and step down, or will he double down on his tumultuous leadership style?

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The people have spoken. In a recent Twitter poll, over 50% of users believe Elon Musk should step down as the company’s CEO.

The poll, created by Musk himself, asked his 122 million followers if he should step down as head of Twitter. It ended early this morning, with 57.5% of people voting ‘yes.’

Musk said he would follow the poll’s results, regardless of the outcome.

Despite the overwhelming results, Musk has yet to acknowledge the outcome publicly and offer any response.

The only thing he did say about the poll was that finding a replacement wouldn’t be easy.

“No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive,” Musk said in response to a user suggesting that he would resign. “There is no successor.”


At one point, Tom from MySpace (yes, that Tom) chimed in to respond to Musk’s poll, “Depends who you get to run it!” – possibly implying he’d be up for the job.

Does Elon Musk really want to be Twitter’s CEO?

elon musk in front of twitter icon
Image: KnowTechie

It’s possible that Musk’s poll was a way for him to gauge public opinion and potentially justify leaving Twitter to focus more on Tesla, the main source of his wealth.

In fact, he has sold a staggering $40 billion worth of Tesla stock over the past year.

One painfully obvious thing, which our own Curtis Silver points out, is the seemingly endless barrage of Musk-related news stories.

“Elon has sucked the air out of the room for a few weeks now with his dominance of the tech news cycle and I think even he is getting exhausted by it.”

Either way, Musk’s poll results are definitive, and most users want him out. Will he choose to heed the call of the masses and step down, or will he double down on his tumultuous leadership style?

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