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Uber Copter is taking flight later this year but don’t get too excited – it ain’t cheap

Just like the Mac Pro, it’s probably not for you.

Uber copter taking passengers
Image: Uber

Uber will be starting its path to aerial ridesharing domination on July 9, with Uber Copter.

Before you get ready to head to your nearest helipad, however, there are some things you should know.

Uber Copter is probably not for you

Taking an Uber Black sedan during surge pricing is already bad enough (like $200-ish to JFK International in rush hour) so it’s anyone’s guess how much a similar Uber Copter trip would run to.

Uber says the trip between Lower Manhattan and JFK International will be around $200-225 per person, although that seems to be the basic rate.

  • If you find yourself in Lower Manhattan, have money to burn, and need to get to JFK International, maybe Uber Copter is a viable option vs rush hour traffic
  • You’ll also get an Uber car at each end of the journey, one to get you to the helipad and one to get you to your terminal (or vice versa)
  • It’ll be carry-on luggage only, no suitcases allowed
  • You’ll have to be a Platinum or Diamond member of Uber Rewards – better start racking up those loyalty points
  • No, this isn’t the autonomous electric VTOLs that go by the name Uber Elevate – those are still coming in the near future

I’m confused here. Uber’s whole business model is about getting freelancers poor schmucks to use their own vehicles to make up the ridesharing fleet.

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Are there really enough cash-strapped helicopter owners that want to get into the business of taxi-ing rich folks around, at the wages Uber is likely to pay? I can’t imagine how expensive the personal liability insurance on a passenger-carrying helicopter is…

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