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Video proof: Verizon’s screwing Netflix customers

Sick of slow buffer speeds while watching Netflix? CEO Colin Noderkem is taking on Verizon.

Netflix Verizon Wars

Netflix Verizon Wars

A pissed off Verizon Fios customer, Colin Noderkem, a CEO out of New York City, has video proof of how Verizon is throttling down Netflix service for its customers.

Here’s how the story goes: Noderkem launched Netflix and started a movie, becoming increasingly frustrated with the slow buffer speed. If you haven’t dealt with this firsthand, it’s horrible –  like watching a poorly-recorded YouTube video.

This is where it gets technical

To get to the bottom of it, Noderkem tested his download speeds, accessing a VPN to download at the fastest speeds available. This piece from Ben Popper of  The Verge gives a detailed description of his process.

For a quick breakdown, check out what Noderkem had to say:

H/T Verge/BoingBoing

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