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Walmart now lets you try virtual clothes on your own body

It uses augmented reality to put real clothes on your virtual body.

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Walmart has introduced a new feature that will let people try on virtual clothes using augmented reality and their own bodies. As long as they’re okay with sharing semi-nude images with the massive retailer.

It’s called Be Your Own Model and was revealed in a blog post on Walmart’s website earlier today. The feature lets you upload a full body image of yourself to try on Walmart’s clothes.

“A single shirt can come in six different colors, seven different sizes, and two sleeve lengths. Our technology captures all the variations and shows how they look uniquely on each individual,” said the company in its announcement.

And Walmart has already scaled up this technology pretty far. It’s already available on more than 270,000 pieces of apparel across several brands in the retailer’s portfolio.

This is all made possible thanks to Walmart’s acquisition of Zeekit, a virtual try-on platform, last year. Zeekit’s technology reads a user’s body and is able to virtually place a piece of clothing on so users can see how it fits.

For users who aren’t comfortable sharing somewhat exposing photos of themselves with Walmart, there is another option.

The company also has a Choose My Model experience that lets users pick from 50 different body models to see how a piece of clothing fits.

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Image: Walmart

While it may not be as accurate as using your own photo, it’s a nice, safe alternative for those who don’t want to share their photo with Walmart.

The Be Your Own Model feature is rolling out to the Walmart app starting today to iOS users. And it’s coming to Android in the coming weeks.

While it’s limited to mobile, for now, the company says you’ll soon be able to use the images you take to use the Be Your Own Model feature on Walmart.com as well.

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