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Leaked video shows new Meta Pro Quest headset in the wild

Someone left engineering samples of the headset in a hotel room.

meta quest pro
Image: Meta

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A new leak gives us a good look at what could be the upcoming Meta Quest Pro headset. Meta plans to reveal the device in October, but someone “accidentally” left what looks like a sample of the device in a hotel room.

The leaked video was originally posted on Facebook by Ramiro Cardenas. Cardenas says they found the device in a hotel room and took a video to show off its design.

In the video (shared by Kevin Beaumont on Twitter), we get a pretty substantial look at the new device. Cardenas shows off the headset, new controllers, and what looks like some promotional material labeled “Meta Quest Pro.”


Cardenas told The Verge that the packaging for this Meta Quest Prowas labeled “not for resale – engineering sample.” But with the reveal of the headset coming next month, it seems pretty likely that this is what the final product looks like.

In terms of what we saw, the headset itself has three substantial cameras on the front and a speaker design than the Quest 2 in all black.

And the controllers have been seemingly upgraded as well. Meta abandoned the wrap-around design of Quest 2 controllers for a slimmer ergonomic option.

We’ve been hearing about the Meta Quest Pro for months now. And the company has been promising some impressive improvements over previous Quest devices.

It’ll be interesting to see how much those improvements lead to a higher price point. The Quest 2 has always been an affordable option for entry VR. But it looks like the Meta Quest Pro could be on the other end of the spectrum.

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