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Mark Zuckerberg shows off Project Cambria VR headset in new video

Meta’s upcoming VR headset looks interesting.

mark zuckerberg wearing meta's project cambria vr headset
Image: Meta

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, just showed off the upcoming Project Cambria virtual reality (VR) headset. In a short video posted to Facebook, we got a glimpse of how the headset will enable mixed reality content.

Now, we can’t tell you what the VR headset actually looks like. That’s because Meta pixelated the device in every frame, making Zuckerberg look like another commonly pixelated object that’s NSFW.

The actual software experience at play here looks great. External high-res color cameras pass through your surroundings onto your VR screens.

That enables things like virtual objects in the real world that you can interact with. The video showed Zuck throwing a virtual ball for a virtual pet to chase after.

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Meta wants you to use Project Cambria for more than just games. The workday user experience showed multiple screens floating in mid-air, instead of tethered to a desk. The demo also showed off exercising in VR, with a virtual trainer projected into your space.

This is all created by Meta’s Presence Platform, a way for developers to build mixed reality experiences. Developers can build for Quest 2 and for the next-gen headsets like Project Cambria using this framework.

Project Cambria is supposedly releasing later this year, although we’ve had no official confirmation from Meta at this time. Until then, enjoy a mixed-reality demo, The World Beyond, which will be coming to the Quest 2 App Lab.

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