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Valve’s upcoming VR headset possibly shown off in new patent

Valve has been working on a wireless VR headset. Is this it?

screenshot of a patent drawing from valve showing a vr headset
Image: Valve via USPTO

We know Valve is working on a standalone VR headset, without annoying wires. Now thanks to a newly published patent application, we might know what it will look like.

Now, these are patent images so they show an idea, but the design could change. What we can tell is that Valve is planning a complicated system of cables to adjust the headset to your liking.

Two large dials on the back of the straps control the top and side straps’ length, and it looks easy to adjust.

We can also see two headphone/speaker sections that drop down from the side straps. Those are also adjustable in what seems like multiple dimensions.

screenshot of two images from patent granted to valve showing a vr headset
Image: Valve via USPTO

What we don’t know from the patent is what hardware will go into the headset.

Some hints point towards it being standalone, as “The harness may couple to a rear housing disposed at the back of the HMD. The rear housing may accommodate various computing components of the HMD.” Sounds like a self-powered VR headset to us, like the Meta Quest 2 or Pico’s range.

Some other details about the Deckard VR headset have also emerged this week. Brad Lynch, an XR analyst who first found the Deckard name, says that Steam VR will be able to make a Wi-Fi hotspot for the headset to connect to your PC. This seems to happen without needing any additional hardware.

Lynch also found development tool pointers, and a whole bunch of other leaked strings. Check out his video for more. He does caution patience, as Valve is known for long development times or even not releasing things they work on.

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