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Valve is reportedly working on a wireless VR headset because everything is better without wires

The rumored headset could feature a built-in processor and “inside-out” tracking.

valve index vr headset

Hold onto your wallets, because Valve might be bringing out a standalone VR headset to go *ahem* head-to-head with the Oculus Quest. YouTuber Brad Lynch dove into the SteamVR code, and found references to a device called “Deckard”, which matched up with some recent patent applications made by Valve.

That sleuthing was further backed up by Ars Technica, who talked to a few sources who confirmed much of what Lynch had figured out. Yes, Valve has a second VR headset in development.

It’s going to feature a built-in processor, so it won’t need to be tethered to a PC to work. And yes, they are working on inside-out tracking so it won’t need external devices to track your movement.

The sources Ars spoke to said that Valve had multiple VR headsets in concept stages before the Index was released. Those concepts diverged, becoming the tethered Index that’s for sale now, and a standalone headset with inbuilt processing, essentially Valve’s version of an Oculus Quest or Pico Neo.

At the time, Valve was having difficulty getting the inside-out tracking working, which is possibly why the standalone headset isn’t ready for market yet.

Now, before you go getting all excited, all of this means that Valve is working on a second headset at its headquarters. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make it to market, and Valve has a long history of killing projects in their prototype stages.

The only real difference here is that both the Valve Index and a “Half-Life VR” title were hinted at before their release, so we remain hopeful that a standalone VR headset is possible.

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