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Valve tripled the number of verified Steam Deck games since launch

More than 1,300 Steam games are now tagged as Steam Deck Verified.

steam deck handheld
Image: KnowTechie

Valve’s Steam Deck has only been out for a little over two months, but the handheld gaming PC has already made tons of improvements. Most notably, the amount of games that Valve has verified to work on the Steam Deck has nearly tripled since its release.

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming PC designed to take advantage of the Steam library in the palm of your hands. However, not all developers have optimized their games for the device’s Linux-based operating system.

Fortunately, Valve is working hard to verify exactly which games do work on the handheld gaming PC. And you can use the SteamDB instant search tool to see exactly which ones are verified.

There are three different levels of verification. Steam Deck Verified means the game will work flawlessly. Steam Deck Playable games should work but might need minor tweaks. And Steam Deck Unsupported are games that Valve has confirmed will not work on Steam Deck.

verified steam deck games in may 2022
Image: Boiling Steam

At launch, there were just over 300 games with the verified tag. Today, that number has more than tripled, with more than 1,300 games currently verified. Additionally, there are another 1,100 games that are tagged “Steam Deck Playable.”

This is a pretty significant improvement for the Steam Deck in just over two months. Valve is putting a lot of effort into the Steam Deck, and the device has the potential to become a staple in PC gaming.

You can check the SteamDB search tool yourself to see what games are supported for the Steam Deck. Just use the tags under the “Platforms” section on the right. Valve is seemingly adding more games every day, so the number might have gone up already.

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