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Steam Deck’s official dock station gets a much-needed upgrade

Still no price or release date, though.

steam deck dock
Image: Valve

Although Valve recently began ramping up the production for the new Steam Deck, the company still hasn’t released the dock that will go with the handheld gaming console.

And maybe that’s a good thing because according to the specs page on the Steam Deck website, the upcoming dock just got a nice upgrade. Initially, the dock was going to ship with a singular USB 3.1 port accompanied by two slower USB 2.0 ports.

Now, as you can see from the specs page, the dock will now have three USB 3.1 ports. In fact, the two additional USB 3.1 ports completely replace the two slower options.

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steam deck dock ports
Image: Valve

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This is great news for people who will use the extra USB ports for additional storage. Now you can plug additional storage for your games into the Steam Deck dock and you won’t have to worry about the slow load times offered by USB 2.0.

The three USB 3.0 ports accompany a USB-C port to power the dock, as well as a gigabit ethernet port. There’s also an HDMI 2.0 and a DisplayPort 1.4 port to output video. The Steam Deck will sit on top of the dock and connect to the dock via an attached USB-C cord.

We still don’t have any pricing information or an exact release date for the Steam Deck dock. Valve’s website says the dock is expected to launch sometime in late spring of 2022.

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That means the company has almost exactly two months to deliver the dock, barring any unforeseen delays like supply chain and inflation issues.

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