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How to use Steam Deck’s hidden shortcuts

They will make navigating the device a bit easier.

valve steam deck games full list
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Valve’s Steam Deck has been in the hands of gamers for a little over two weeks now. The handheld gaming PC is revolutionary and it features several shortcut options that many users have yet to discover.

One of the more convenient features that the Steam Deck has is the various shortcuts that are implemented. The device has all kinds of shortcuts, from taking screenshots to force shutting down a game that you’re playing.

The shortcuts that are available on the Steam Deck look like they would make a lot of functions on the device much easier. But some people may not even know that these shortcuts exist. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you how to find those shortcuts.

Steam Deck shortcuts make navigating the device more convenient

steam deck shortcuts
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These shortcuts are a great way to add some convenience to navigating the device. But you’ll first need to know how to use them.

Steam + B (Long Press)Force Game Shutdown
Steam + XShow Keyboard
Steam + L1Toggle Magnifier
Steam + R1Take Screenshot
Steam + L2 (Soft Pull)Right Mouse Click
Steam + R2 (Soft Pull)Left Mouse Click
Steam + Right JoystickJoystick Mouse
Steam + Right TrackpadAs Mouse
Steam + Right Trackpad ClickLeft Mouse Click
Steam + Left Joystick UpScreen Brightness Up
Steam + Left Joystick DownScreen Brightness Down
Steam + Right D-PadEnter Key
Steam + Down D-PadTab Key
Steam + Left D-PadEscape Key

The first thing you are going to want to do to find Steam Deck shortcuts is to just press and hold the Steam button itself. Holding this button down will bring up the full list of possible shortcuts on your device.

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With this list pulled up, you can see the various shortcut options that are available. Holding the Steam button and the B button at the same time will shut down your game.

Pressing Steam and X at the same time will bring up a smartphone-like keyboard onscreen in case you need to do any typing.

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And there are many more shortcut options available on the device. Remember, you can press and hold the Steam button at virtually any time to bring up the list of shortcuts. With these new shortcuts, you’ll be navigating the Steam Deck like a pro in no time.

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