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How to refund a game on Steam

If you bought a new game and instantly hate it, you have options.

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If you’ve purchased a game on Steam that isn’t—in your opinion—very good, you can request a refund. Naturally, certain conditions apply, so you can’t just return any old title you’ve been playing for hours.

If, however, a newly-purchased game isn’t to your taste, you can cut your losses and get all of your money back.

While the process isn’t exactly streamlined, it’s not overly complex. Let’s discuss how to return a game on Steam and request a full refund.

What is Steam’s return policy?

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Before you consider returning a purchased product, you should first ensure that you’re within the bounds of Steam’s return policy. With that said, the company does state that it will review cases that fall just outside of the guidelines.

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Currently, you must request a refund within 14 days of purchase and not have clocked more than 2 hours of total playtime. The two-hour rule is worth keeping in mind whenever you pick up a new game so you’re always aware of the cut-off point before you go too deep.

If you don’t quite meet the requirements but still want a refund, putting the request through is worth a try. However, results may vary.

How to refund a game on Steam

If you purchased a game and it isn’t for you, you have options. Here’s how to return a Steam game and request a full refund:

  1. Go to Steam Support in your browser

  2. Click login and sign in to your accountsteam support page

  3. Click Purchasessteam logged in screen showing purchases and more

  4. Click View complete purchasing historyview complete purchasing history on steam

  5. Select the game you want to returnpurchase history for games on valve's platform

  6. Click I would like a refund under What issue are you having with your purchase? support page for requesting a game refund on valve's platform

  7. Click I’d like to request a refundsteam refund request page

  8. Complete the form and click Submit requesttell us why screen for game refund on steam

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Once you’ve submitted the request, you should receive a response within seven days.

Steam honors most reasonable refund requests

If your refund request meets Steam’s policy guidelines, you’ll almost certainly get your money back. Only those who abuse the system are likely to be denied.

But if you enjoy abusing the system, you could try beating every game within the two-hour limit so you never have to pay for a product on the platform again (don’t do that).

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