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Which games in your Steam library work on Steam Deck?

Wondering how much of your Steam library can run on the Steam Deck? We’re here to help.

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Valve’s Steam Deck console has been selling well and people seem to be enjoying it so far. If you’re on the fence or have only recently got your console, you might be wondering which games in your Steam library are playable on your new device.

Well, Valve has you covered. The company has been hard at work verifying the entire storefront, to ensure the Steam Deck is a hit. The easiest way to check which games you own will work? Signing into your Steam account.

Valve will do all the hard work for you, showing you lists of your games that are verified to work with the console, ones that might run with some additional work, and which ones won’t be playable.

The best part? You don’t need to own a Steam Deck to check. Here’s how.

How to check which games in your Steam library work with Steam Deck

Yes, you could check compatibility from the storefront on your Steam Deck, but with new orders not coming until October or later, it’s good to know all you need is a computer with internet access.

  1. Open a web browser and go to Valve’s Steam Deck Compatibility toolscreenshot of valve's steam deck compatibility page

  2. Sign in to Steamscreenshot of steam sign-in prompt

  3. Browse through your Steam Deck capable games

  4. They’ll either show as Verified, Playable, Unsupported, or Unknown. To be Verified, they need to meet four requirements: Input, Display, Seamlessness, and System Support

  5. For the best time, you’ll want to stick to the Verified section. Those have been tested to be fully compatible with all four requirementsscreenshot of the verified on steam deck section of my steam library

  6. Scrolling down a little more gets the Playable section. These might need “extra steps or manual work from the user” so they’re not as ready-to-go as the Verified gamesscreenshot of the playable on steam deck section of my steam library

  7. The next section is Unsupported. None of these games work on Steam Deck right now. Some might work if the developer improves compatibility with the console; and some, like VR, will never work with Valve’s consolescreenshot of the unsupported on steam deck section of my steam library

  8. The last section is Untested. You’ll only see a number here, which is the number of games in your library that Valve hasn’t tested for compatibility with the Steam Deck yet. As more games are tested, this number will change and games will get added to the other three sectionsscreenshot of the untested on steam deck section of my steam library

And there you have it! You can now feel confident in knowing which games will work with Steam Deck.

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Even if you haven’t bought one yet, this is a great tool to make sure your future console will work with your favorite games.

If you already own a Steam Deck

screenshot of steam deck storefront
Image: Valve/YouTube

While browsing the Steam Store on your console, you’ll see color-coded icons near the name of each game.

A green checkmark means it’s been verified to work with Steam Deck, a yellow “i” means it’s playable, a gray ‘no entry’ icon means it won’t work, and a gray question mark means Valve hasn’t tested that game yet.

Everything else to know about Steam Deck compatibility

For games that aren’t in your Steam library, SteamDB has a full Steam storefront search that lets you filter by Steam Deck compatibility levels. That’s great to find new games to play, while you wait for Valve to ship the console to you.

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