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Can you play Elden Ring on Steam Deck?

Can you explore Elden Ring’s massive, open world in the palm of your hands?

steam deck playing elden ring on screen
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The last few days of February were pretty exciting for gamers. Valve began shipping the first units for its highly touted handheld gaming PC.

And the same day that Steam Deck orders opened up, game developer FromSoftware delivered another magnificent Souls-like RPG in Elden Ring.

The Steam Deck launched with mixed reviews, showing a lot of potential, but also including a few bugs and limitations. Elden Ring, on the other hand, was received amazingly as a culmination of the work that has gone into making Souls-like games a favorite among fans.

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But the ultimate question remains. Will Elden Ring work on the Steam Deck? There are currently thousands of games in the Steam library that will work with the Steam Deck. So, what about Elden Ring?

Does Elden Ring work on the Steam Deck?

Short answer: Yes

Fortunately for anyone who’s had a chance to snag a Steam Deck: The early frontrunner for Game of the Year in 2022 is absolutely compatible with the device.

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Steam offers a sort of verifications for games in its library that will work on the Steam Deck. Games with the Steam Deck Verified badge will work flawlessly on the device. And Elden Ring is currently marked Steam Deck Verified on the platform.

steam deck compatibility screen with elden ring verification
Image: KnowTechie

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FromSoftware’s latest title is the perfect game to try out on your Steam Deck. The game was designed with a controller in mind, and its vast, open world is great for sitting back on your couch and exploring.

If you’ve been looking for a game to try on your new Steam Deck, I highly recommend Elden Ring. Just be sure to maintain a level head when you’re going up against some of the game’s intense bosses.

It will cost you a lot more time and money to replace your Steam Deck if you smash it against the wall out of frustration than it would for a regular controller.

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