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Watch Amazon’s Prime Air drone make its first delivery on US soil

Amazon was able to make a successful drone delivery in the US using its Prime Air drone.

Amazon’s Prime Air drone made its first autonomous delivery in the US sometime earlier this week. Well, sort of.

The delivery was made during Amazon’s MARS conference, an invite-only event for innovators in machine learning, automation, robotics, and space explorations. Anyways, the delivery was a demo and was prearranged before the event, however, the delivery was the real thing.

Gur Kimchi, Vice President of Amazon Prime Air, tells KnowTechie in an email:

“We’re very happy to have participated in MARS 2017 alongside many other talented, pioneering inventors. With the assistance of the FAA, we conducted our first Amazon Prime Air delivery demonstration in the U.S., bringing us one step closer to making 30-minute package delivery by drone a reality for customers around the world.”

Amazon still has a bunch of hurdles to jump over to get regulatory approval to get their drones in the sky legally. The company has been extensively testing their air delivery service in the UK but there’s still a ways to go. The good thing is that Amazon is moving in the right direction.

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