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Watch this drone go down in an epic blaze of glory as it flies into an active volcano

Turns out a drone can’t withstand the heat from the lava of an active volcano.

Drone flying into volcano
Image: Joey Helms / YouTube

One of the worst feelings as a drone owner has to be crashing. Over the years, technology has become quite advanced, but drones can still be pretty tricky to pilot. Anything from a small gust of wind to random wildlife can take your drone out in a matter of seconds.

These obstacles are relatively common, and anyone could run into them. However, some people like to put their drones in more high-risk situations. That’s what makes a drone so versatile.

Take a volcano for example. That’s exactly where Joey Helms ventured with their drone to capture some incredible footage. In a video uploaded to their Youtube channel, Helms shows off an erupting volcano in Iceland. They ended up getting a little too up close and personal.

As you can see, Helms was able to capture some amazing footage of the amazing and destructive Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall. Unfortunately, the footage was a bit too good, and Helms lost the drone inside the massive eruption.

Despite the incredible scene that this particular sacrifice brought us, it is still a sad day. Nobody wants to see their drone go down, but at least this one went out with a bang. Quite literally.

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