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What is FTX coin?

The FTX coin has shown a significant price increase over the last year, is this asset is worth buying? Let’s take a look.

FTX token
Image: FTX

FTX is a well-known crypto exchange that advanced traders and investors widely use for it offers complex trading tools.

The main feature of FTX is futures derivatives. Other trading options include:

  • leverage trading
  • margin
  • forex
  • stocks
  • spot
  • etc.

The FTX exchange does not work in the USA, so the company has created an FTX.US department for US residents. It has limited trading options.

FTT crypto is a native asset of the FTX exchange. It is a “backbone” for the FTX platform enabling different options for its holders.

For example, token owners receive discounts for transaction fees within the FTX exchange. Also, the tokens can be staked. It is important to read the staking conditions before locking your tokens.

As a rule, withdrawing your tokens before the staking period expires leads to penalties, and you can lose your initial coins. So be careful and attentive putting your tokens in staking.

Where can I buy FTX coin?

computer with charts of investing in crypto
Image: KnowTechie

An experienced team develops the FTX exchange with a good reputation.

The FTX coin (of FTT) has shown a significant price increase over the last year, so we dare say this asset is worth buying.

Especially if you are an active user of the FTX crypto exchange. The token is available on large crypto platforms such as WhiteBIT.

This exchange is easy-to-handle for a beginner trader and allows you to try different trading tools on a demo account.

many crypto coins falling
Image: Pixabay

Since futures trading and margin are advanced trading tools, you will find it useful to first try them on demo tokens without risking losing your funds.

To access demo trading, register an account. You need to verify your account to access all the trading tools and earning opportunities on real markets.

Like FTX, WhiteBIT is a centralized crypto exchange, which means it operates legally and complies with all the regulators’ requirements.

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