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What’s the best desktop browser for Netflix?

Hint: It’s (probably) not the one you’re reading this on.

netflix on macbook air
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Netflix is still one of the best options for binge-watching your favorite shows. Before you grab your laptop or fire up your desktop browser, you need to know something. Your favorite browser is probably not the best place to watch Netflix.

No really, we know you love Google Chrome. Statistics show that 69% of you think the nicest browser is from Google. It might be for other content, but it’s not the nicest place to watch Netflix.

So, what’s the best place to watch Netflix on your desktop if you want to watch content at the highest definition?

Which browser should I use for Netflix?

Short answer: Microsoft Edge

That’s right. Microsoft Edge. That’s the browser you need to use on Windows, to playback Netflix in 4K. That’s because Microsoft uses hardware-based DRM (which is the ‘lock’ that stops people from pirating copyrighted material).

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You’ll also need this HEVC file, a 7th-Gen Intel CPU or newer, any AMD Ryzen CPU, and if using a GPU, Radeon RX 400 or newer, or an Nvidia GPU that meets these requirements.

If you don’t use Edge, you’re limited to 720p playback on Windows computers. Chromebooks are limited to 1080p playback. Oh, and the Netflix app on Windows can serve 4K content as well.

And if you’re a Mac user? Well, Apple uses hardware-based DRM as well. You can use Safari on macOS 11.0 or later, and you’ll get a 4K stream. The only drawback here? Most Apple displays aren’t 4K.

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