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When will Android 11 release?

When can you expect the latest and greatest from Google?

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Google usually shows off the latest version of its Android operating system at Google I/O, the developer-focused conference for everything Google. That’s not happening this year, as the novel coronavirus has effectively canceled all in-person conferences for the foreseeable future.

That means all product announcements have also been pushed back, leaving most of us wondering just when Google plans to release the yearly update to its mobile operating system, Android.

Well, we might not have that long to wait, as Android 11 is already in Developer Preview.

So, when will Android 11 release?

Short answer: Soon

See, Google had said that it would host an online event at 11 am EST on June the 3rd, to unveil Android 11 to the world. That’ll be followed by the first beta version of Android 11, and if the usual release schedule follows that, the final build will be released at some point in Q3 of 2020.

Of course, this could all be delayed due to the intricacies of managing a fully-remote workplace thanks to the pandemic, but that’s how things stand as of right now.

That June 3 event has been postponed however, and the date Google will reschedule to is unknown at this time.

The Pixel range will get Android 11 first, with other manufacturers following after that. Last year, OnePlus was the first third-party manufacturer to update to Android 10. Will that be the same this year or will another company call dibs on the second spot?

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