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When will the Apple Car launch?

Apple has reportedly delayed production of its self-driving car a few times.

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Quick Answer: We’re still far from the car’s release date. A report from December 2022 says that Apple has delayed the production of its Apple Car until at least 2026.

Apple is developing a new automated car to compete with the likes of Tesla and other self-driving vehicles.

Early rumors suggested that Apple would develop a completely autonomous vehicle that doesn’t require a driver. That’s a level of self-driving that no manufacturer is close to yet.

Initial reports suggested that Apple would begin producing the vehicle in 2024. And that would potentially lead to a full release of the Apple Car in 2025.

But Apple’s vision was a little too ambitious. The company has reportedly scrapped the driverless idea and delayed the production of the Apple Car. So when is it coming out?

When will the Apple Car come out?

Short answer: 2026 at the earliest.

In a report from December 2022, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that there had been another delay for the Apple Car. The company pushed the launch date back once again, this time to 2026.

Additionally, the company has become a little less ambitious about the car’s self-driving capabilities. It’s no longer pushing for a driverless vehicle.

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An early mockup of the Apple Car from AutoEvolution (Image: AutoEvolution)

Instead, the car will have a traditional steering wheel and pedals. Its self-driving capabilities will be limited to highways, aligning the vehicle with other self-driving capabilities from companies like Tesla.

That means the car will cost less than we originally thought. Gurman also claims that Apple has reduced the selling price to less than $100,000. Early expectations said the car would cost around $120,000.

We’re still a long way from the car’s release date. We’ll update this article with any more news of delays in the launch of the Apple Car.

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