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Samsung Galaxy S23: news, rumors, features, and release date

Here’s what we know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 line of phones so far.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S23 is set to come out in 2023. While we’re still a few months away from a potential release, there is still plenty to learn about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

As always, Samsung is looking to improve on the Galaxy S22 with the launch of the S23. That will likely mean nicer cameras, improved performance, and better battery life.

Rumors and leaks tend to fly out regularly ahead of a new smartphone release. As a good rule, it’s smart to take these rumors with a grain of salt until Samsung reveals official information on its new phone.

But there has been a lot of discussion on the Galaxy S23. So let’s check out some rumors and leaked specs surrounding Samsung’s next phone.

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Galaxy S23 release date

Samsung galaxy s22 ultra screen
Image: Samsung

UPDATE 12/6/2022 10:07 AM: New reports indicate an early February release after new FCC filings. You can read the Tom’s Guide report here.

Samsung usually releases its Galaxy smartphones around February of every year. So far, nothing suggests that Samsung will stray drastically from its usual February release window.

Occasionally, Samsung will go a little early with its release, with the Galaxy coming out in January. That was the case with the Galaxy S21, which came out in January 2021.

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A recent leak suggests that Samsung could possibly be considering a similar window with the Galaxy S23. A recent report from ETNews suggests that the Galaxy S23 could come out three weeks earlier than its predecessor in 2022.

Samsung announced the S22 on February 9. That means that Samsung could reveal the Galaxy S23 as early as January 19.

UPDATE 12/15/2022 8:45 AM ET: New certification filings in Thailand and India push the Samsung S23 one step closer to launch.

Sources claim that Samsung could move its release window up to help compete with other smartphones. The iPhone 14 is out now, along with the Google Pixel 7.

By releasing the Galaxy S23 earlier, Samsung could steal some potential iPhone or Pixel customers at the turn of the new year.

Samsung Galaxy S23 pricing

Regarding pricing, we haven’t heard anything about the Samsung Galaxy S23 yet. For now, we can only speculate on the potential price compared to the S22.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 started at $799. That was for the basic model with the least amount of storage possible. The Galaxy S22 Ultra started at $1,199 for the 128GB version and ranged to $1,399 for 512GB of storage.

Ideally, the Galaxy S23 would be in the same price range. $799 is an affordable entry point for a flagship phone, and the $1,199 start price for the Ultra version is pretty standard for those looking for the best of the best.

But prices of technology have been a little chaotic in recent years. Supply chain issues and huge inflation have caused prices of just about everything to go up.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the price of the Galaxy S23 is higher than that of its predecessor. We’ll update this when we hear anything else about the price of the S23.

Galaxy S23 design

Samsung galaxy s23 leaked render
Image: Onleaks

From everything we’ve seen so far, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be very familiar to those who have tried out the Galaxy S22.

A leak from known leaker Ice Universe says that the size of the Galaxy S23 will be increased very slightly. All versions of the phone are said to feature minimal increases in size across the board.

The regular Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will also feature a similar increase in size. The thought behind this increase in size is that Samsung has increased the size of the outer bezel, though the reason for that change is unknown.

Another thing that has changed on the Galaxy S23 is the camera array. This time around, Samsung is designing its camera array on all three versions of the S23 similarly to the S22 Ultra.

Leaked renders from OnLeaks and Digit show what the Galaxy S23 could look like. The renders show how all three versions have rear cameras that are individually embedded and separated from each other.

That represents a shift over the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus. Both of those versions had cameras embedded into a single unit together. The S23 separates them all, creating three individual units.

Performance and specs

Samsung galaxy s23 leaked render vertical
Image: Onleaks

The chipset of the Galaxy S23 has been a hot topic in the leak world.

Word has it that the company is currently debating whether its Galaxy S line of phones should stick to Qualcomm processors or use Samsung’s own Exynos chips.

Samsung’s Exynos chips have a history of not working as well as Qualcomm Snapdragon chips in Galaxy devices. Snapdragon chipsets have regularly outperformed Exynos in both performance and efficiency.

This summer, Qualcomm revealed that it would be powering Galaxy flagship phones globally, starting with the Galaxy S23. So that would suggest that Samsung is going to Snapdragon with all S23 versions.

Additionally, a new report from Daum states that globally, all S23 models will include the Snapdragon processor.

UPDATE 1/26/2023 11:08 AM ET: A recent FCC filing from Samsung confirms that all models of the S23 are equipped with what appear to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors.

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S23 line is slightly increasing, at least for the basic version. Both the S23 and S23 Plus are getting slightly improved batteries over their predecessors.

The Galaxy S23 will ship with a 3,900mAh and the S23 Plus comes with 4,700mAh. The FCC filing mentioned above confirms the sizes of all S23 batteries.

The S23 Ultra, however, won’t get the same treatment. The Ultra will maintain the same battery as the S22 Ultra and S21 Ultra. Still, the 5,000mAh battery will keep your phone going all day.


White samsung galaxy s23 front and back
Image: Smartprix

UPDATE 12/9/2022 10:18 AM ET: Ice Universe now states that the Galaxy S23 could feature 8K video at 30 FPS. This would be an improvement over the S22’s 8K video at 24 FPS.

A few camera improvements are likely coming to the Galaxy S23 line. To kick things off, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is reportedly getting a massive improvement in the form of a 200MP main camera.

That represents a huge change over the 108MP camera included on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

A supposed comparison from Ice Universe shows the difference between images with a 108MP camera versus a 200MP camera. And the difference is pretty impressive.

As of January 2023, additional leakers have come forward to confirm the use of a 200-megapixel camera on the S23 line.

Beyond that, rumors say that the front cameras on the S23 and S23 Plus are better than the S22 models.

The two base models will now include a 12MP front camera, the first improvement on those cameras since 2019.

Those are all of the rumored improvements coming to Galaxy S23 cameras. The telephoto and ultrawide cameras are supposedly unchanged in the Samsung Galaxy S23 line.

Expect improvements but no major changes with the Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung galaxy s23 vs s22 side by side
Image: Smartprix

Samsung’s next line of Galaxy S phones will likely feature significant improvements over their predecessors. The S23 and S23 Ultra are getting better batteries, and all versions have improved cameras.

But the design is mostly staying the same. Samsung is likely increasing the bezel size very slightly, leading to an overall increase in size, although very minimal.

And it looks like Samsung will continue to utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon silicon to power its device, although Exynos could make a surprise return.

We haven’t heard much about the price or release date, though we expect neither will change much.

Expect the Galaxy S23 to come out sometime in February with a starting price of around $799 for the base model and $1,199 for the S23 Ultra.

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