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White Castle is hiring 100 robots to flip burgers

The robot, called Flippy 2, can take over an entire fry station.

woman standing in front of a burger flipping robot white castle
Image: Miso Robotics

White Castle is the world’s first fast-food burger chain. In 1921, the company opened its first restaurant. And now, more than 100 years later, White Castle is becoming one of the first restaurant chains to utilize robots on a wide scale.

The fast-food pioneer and its partner, Miso Robotics, announced their plans to bring burger-flipping robots to 100 White Castle locations. And with a little over 350 locations in total, this is a pretty significant expansion for the company.

I say expansion because this is not the beginning of a partnership between White Castle and Miso Robotics. The two companies initially began working together more than a year ago. White Castle participated in a test at a single location, utilizing a burger-flipping robot aptly named Flippy.

Now, Miso Robotics has developed Flippy 2, a new and improved burger-flipping machine. Flippy 2 takes over the entire fry station at a White Castle. In addition, it can perform more than twice as many food prep tasks as the original, making the robot even more helpful to the White Castle kitchen.

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“Having Flippy 2 be a new hire at 100 of our White Castle locations keeps us on a path to achieve big goals at White Castle,” said White Castle COO Jeff Carper.

White Castle will implement the new Flippy 2 robot at its locations over the next few years. As a result, the company expects many significant improvements in productivity with Flippy 2 at so many of its locations.

So the next time you visit a White Castle, don’t be surprised to see a burger-flipping robot behind the scenes.

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